Kerasus Triko is a well-established, modern and contemporary brandfounded in 1986.

Our company provides a very wide collection only for Men consistingof Classic , Modern and Casual groups.

Success of Kerasus Triko, known by the unique designs andoutstanding quality approach thereof, is based on its philosophy ofnever compromising on “quality”.

Our brand, blending customer-oriented approach with “quality” and”boutique production, considers high quality as its vision of life andnumber one mission of the brand and this strong belief continues bybeing accepted through clientele from generation to generation.

Kerasus Triko, bringing together its classic lines with current trends aswell as modern fashion and practices in the collections thereof, aimsalways to provide its customers with new approaches and bycontinuously renewing itself.

Kerasus Triko markets the products there of at home and abroad (Europe,Eastern bloc countries, Russia and the Turkic Republics)